BuzzCity Network Advertising

BuzzCity’s core business is the global Ad Network. We have seen extraordinary growth over the past years. As a result, we have decided to focus on supporting and sustaining the growth. This also means decommissioning our Media properties. We have been truly honoured and thankful that you have been part of our growth. Looking ahead, we hope to facilitate your growth through our Ad Network.

The BuzzCity Ad Network helps marketers reach consumers who surf with their mobiles and tablets.
Each month our ad networks:-

  1. Reaches more than 300 million international consumers,
  2. Delivers more than 20 billion ad banners, and
  3. Serves a broad range of international clients.

At least 45% of our audience use smartphones to surf, 77% surf only with their mobiles, and 76% spend up to 6 hours per day surfing on their mobiles.

Our Audience uses their mobiles:

  1. To Communicate over social networks (61%)
  2. For Entertainment (video, music) 34%
  3. To Play games or use applications (21%)
  4. To Check prices or buy goods/services (11%)
  5. To Read/Search for news & info (29%)

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